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Hartlief Corporation Ltd in Namibia, Southern Africa, is a multifaceted meat manufacturing company selling raw and processed meat locally as well as internationally. The company believes in the addition of value to meat and strongly supports the aims of Namibia's Vision 2030. Our business involvement stretches across the whole value-adding chain from producer, abattoir, wholesaler and processor to the end-consumer. Products are marketed under the well-established brand of Hartlief. Hartlief is known for its comprehensive variety of high quality processed meat products, as well as fresh and frozen beef, lamb, chicken, pork and game meat.

The company's business philosophy is based on integrity, professionalism and a continuous commitment to produce quality guaranteed products in the best German tradition since 1946. As the undisputed brand leader in the Namibian value-enhanced meat industry, it has marketing and distribution structures in place which ensure that all meat products are sold to target markets nationally and internationally and that these products are distributed fresh and in the shortest possible time.


The company believes in collaboration with all role-players in the meat industry and beyond. It participates on all levels of the Namibian economy through its membership to organizations such as the Abattoir Association of Namibia, Namibian Manufacturing Association, the Meat Trade and Processors Guild and the Namibian Employers' Federation.

Livestock producers are the corner stone of the company and the meat value-chain. Interaction between the company and the livestock producers is vital. Hartlief not only strives to best serve its markets for its products, but also strives to pay the best possible prices to the producers.


Quality Management is one of the core values of the company and is a high priority.

The company has well-established Food Safety Management Systems in place which are frequently updated to adhere to the latest international standards. The facilities are audited by several third parties annually. Hartlief Corporation Ltd not only pursues the highest standards of quality for its products, but also strives to create food safety awareness amongst consumers. The Hartlief factory is HACCP certified.


The company has a motivated, competent and loyal workforce. It is a high priority to train employees at worker, supervisory and management level and to provide them with the tools necessary to perform their tasks in the most efficient manner possible.


Hartlief Corporation’s various companies are all involved in one way or another in the social upliftment of their respective communities. Contributions to the society at large range from donations to homeless shelters and orphanages to sponsoring community events.

Hartlief Corporation Ltd supports various old age homes, orphanages and the SPCA. The company also strives to enhance HIV/AIDS awareness.

Hartlief Namibia


Hartlief Factory

The Hartlief factory’s legacy started in 1946 with a small family butchery in the heart of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.

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Hartlief Shop & Bistro

The Hartlief Shop and Bistro is situated in the Northern Industrial Area of Windhoek at the entrance of the Hartlief factory.

Hartlief South Africa

cape depot

Hartlief Cape Depot

A new sales and distribution factory depot was opened in Cape Town late in 2015. It serves as a wholesale distribution centre for Hartlief products to the trade, retailers, public and the catering industry.

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Hartlief Deli Gardens

Patrons can get their coffee and sandwiches from the coffee bar while the hot food section has been extended.


Hartlief Deli Constantia

Nestled in the relaxing and leafy Constantia, Hartlief Deli is situated at the High Constantia Shopping centre and is the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the tasty and quality fare on offer..


Hermanus Deli

Expect a wide offering of renowned deli meats, fresh meats and imported deli items, together with hot meals, delicious salads, sandwiches, cakes and coffee.