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Hartlief Factory

The Hartlief factory’s legacy started in 1946 with a small family butchery in the heart of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The business has since flourished and expanded into a state-of-the art processed meat manufacturer.

The Hartlief range of value-added products is available in three main categories: smoked / fermented products, cooked products and a snack range. The smoked/fermented products consist of a range of salamis, Black Forest Ham, Smoked Beef and Smoked Game, whilst the cooked products consist of cold meat and sausages. Hartlief produces a range of biltong, droëwors, smokies and other meaty snacks such as Landjäger and Kabanossi. For the catering industry and guest houses, Hartlief provides a range of portion packed matured beef cuts such as rump, sirloin and fillet steak, as well as fresh pork and lamb cut to specification.

A substantial portion of the Factory’s specialized products are marketed in South Africa through selected delicatessens and leading supermarket chains. Hartlief maintains existing markets and explores new markets through distribution structures which ensure that all meat products get to their destined markets, fresh and in the shortest possible time.


Hartlief has its own fleet of vehicles distributing its products to customers in Windhoek. Distribution to customers in the rest of the country is outsourced to a third-party distributor adhering to Hartlief’s cold chain specifications. It is important for the company to maintain the cold chain in order to keep products fresh and maintain the shelf life.


1 Ruhr Street, Northern Industrial Area,Windhoek, Namibia

-22.536784, 17.075823