Gorgonzola pâté and Hartlief Windhoek Salami bites with walnuts
This is the ideal snack for someone with a more discerning palate. Your cheese should be blue, your chocolate 90% and your coffee civet. You prefer red blends like Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvedre and only Tequila will do. The Windhoek Salami can easily be replaced with Game Salami. Served with nutty, crunchy crackers, these make the ideal snack for those who are Banting.
  1. Don’t make these snacks too long before your guests arrive.
  2. Spread the gorgonzola pâté liberally onto the crackers.
  3. Stack salami as high you can.
  4. Top with a roasted walnut and micro herbs or chives.
  5. A hidden toothpick will keep your tower together.
  6. Enjoy!