Rainbow picnic bread

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Rainbow picnic bread
This is so much fun to make! You can layer this to heart’s content, adding bits and pieces as you go. The more colourful, the better so open your fridge and let your imagination run wild. When you cut your creation, just like you slice a cake, you will surprise your guests with the yummy layers of Hartlief meats and cheeses. This is your number one picnic item on the list.
  1. Cut off the top of the bread and remove the soft centre.
  2. Start layering the ingredients into the hollowed bread. Make sure the greens are washed and properly dried.
  3. Push each layer down firmly and layer the different ingredients for a contrast in colour.
  4. Fill the loaf to the top and replace the crust. Push down, wrap with plastic and chill.
  5. Slice into wedges and enjoy!