Salad In A Jar with Hartlief Landjäger and Kabanossi

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Salad In A Jar with Hartlief Landjäger and Kabanossi
No more soggy salads with this ingenious way of packing for lunch or picnics. The secret to this salad is the layering. The salad dressing is at the bottom of the jar and is only mixed into the other ingredients when you start to eat. Make sure to choose a jar with a wide mouth for easier eating. Those who are Banting can choose to leave out the croutons for a filling and healthy lunch.
  1. Pour salad dressing in the bottom of the jar.
  2. Add olives. Make sure all the pits have been removed. These will start to marinate in the dressing.
  3. The next layer will always be the harder vegetables like the cucumber cubes.
  4. The next layer should be the softer vegetables like the tomatoes and spring onions.
  5. Add the Landjager and Kabanossi sausage.
  6. Top carefully with the feta balls. These can be replaced with feta cheese cubes.
  7. Lastly, fill your jar with torn salad greens.
  8. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  9. When you’re ready to eat, unscrew and tilt the jar so the dressing covers the ingredients.
  10. Add the croutons.
  11. Enjoy!