Tomato soup with Hartlief Kabanossi Salami, mascarpone and fresh basil

Perfect for curling up with on a cold, winter day, this intensely flavoured soup is warming and comforting. The Kabanossi and mascarpone cheese add some decadence to an otherwise quick and easy soup. Banting friendly. 

Roasted sweet potato salad

The star ingredient of this salad is the dukkah, an Egyptian spice blend, which makes for a heavenly combination with the sweet potato. We used orange sweet potato to give the salad a wonderful, rich colour.

Beer, meat and manne platter

When the guys are coming round to watch a big rugby game, you need to make sure there are plenty of snacks. Nothing says a manly snack platter like piles of delicious meat.

Hartlief Premium Meat Products

For 70 years, Hartlief has been committed to providing quality products. Hartlief hasn't changed its processes in this time and continues to produce premium meat the same way it always has. Time and tradition is the secret behind this family-oriented business.

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Hartlief Heritage

The beginning of the Harlief story. Karl and Inge Hartlief take over Hoffend’s Family Butchery. They steadily grow the Windhoek, Namibia butchery and establish a small factory.
Wolfgang and Renate Raith take over the running of the business. They inject fresh energy into the business leading to rapid expansion. A new factory and delicatessen are opened.
Hartlief products are exported to South Africa. An additional factory is purchased and used to continue growth of Hartlief’s processing and export. Hartlief Gourmet is opened in Cape Town.

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Recipes we love now

Chilly winter evenings are best spent indoors with friends and family, gathered around a fire with plates of delicious foods and glasses of red wine. We’d serve our roasted butternut, Hartlief Smoked Beef, feta and pumpkin seeds quiche and our tomato soup with Hartlief Kabanossi, mascarpone and fresh basil. Warm, comforting and packed with flavour, your guests are sure to love them.